Past News

August 2018

  • My Second City sketch show, Box of Issues, opens on August 16th for 4 weeks!
  • Don’t forget to catch me with Excelsior! at Second City on August 11th and 25th, 9pm!
  • Cast in another sketch show @ Second City Hollywood! Opens Oct. 22 for four weeks

July 2018

June 2018

  • Cast in a sketch show at Second City! Opens 8/23 for four weeks! Previews 8/2 and 8/16
  • Last Kids Picked show 6/15 at Thymele Arts
  • Excelsior shows at Second City: 6/9 and 6/30 in the Brick theatre

May 2018

  • 5/4 Room to Improv @ The Secret Rose Theatre 10:30pm
  • 5/5 My first show with Second City Hollywood house team, Excelsior! 9:00pm
  • 5/6 Performing original sketch material at The Pack Theatre, 10:30pm
  • 5/19 Excelsior @ Second City Hollywood 9:00pm

April 2018

March 2018

  • iO Graduation shows at Second City, Hollywood  *Free*
  • Last Kids Picked at Three Clubs, Hollywood. 3/16 7:30pm $5

February 2018

  • Monthly Room To Improv show 2/2 Details:  *Here*

January 2018

  • I’ll be w/ the Lottery on the Main Stage at iO West for a month! 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14. *Free* More info here: iO West Lottery
  • Monthly Room To Improv show at The Secret Rose in Noho! Fri. Jan 5th 10:30pm

December 2017

  • Room To Improv show at The Secret Rose! Friday, Dec. 1 10:30pm
  • Last Kids Picked show at The Open Space on Fairfax! Sunday, Dec. 10 7:00pm

August/September 2017

Upcoming Shows

Performing in The Second City LA Diversity Comedy Festival, Oct. 21 2:00pm.
Get your tickets now!
Los Angeles Diversity Comedy Festival


  • Chosen to feature in the Main Stage show at iO West with Cherry Muffin and female students, August 18, 2017 @ 9pm
  • Main Stage at iO West, 3 dates
    • July 26 @ 7pm
    • August 2 @ 7pm
    • August 16 @ 7pm



  • iO West inclusion scholarship recipient
  • UCB Diversity scholarship recipient

Past News


March 2016

  • Room To Improv show! Friday the 4th at the usual location. The Secret Rose Theatre in NoHo, 10:30 pm
  • Last Kids Picked are celebrating their one year anniversary of performing together! Birthday show at The London NoHo on the 12th, 8:00pm
  • I took a Storytelling class with The Story Studio and have the chance to perform in a student showcase at The NerdMelt! Come hear my story at 9:00 pm in the Nerdist Showroom on the 28th

February 2016

  • Room To Improv show, The Secret Rose Theatre in the NoHo Arts District on the 5th 10:30pm
  • I took a character workshop at iO West and I’m showing off my characters I’ve created in a showcase! 9:00 pm on the 28th

January 2016

  • Check out The Last Kids at their first “That’s What She Said” ladies night at The Clubhouse on the 21st at 10:00pm.

December 2016 

  • Last Kids Picked Variety holiday show was a success! We raised $250 for the The Kind Campaign.

October 2015

August 2015

  • Happy to join Room To Improv, an all Asian-American improv group. Check back for future performances and follow on Twitter @roomtoimprov
  • Last Kids Picked (artists formerly known as What’s Her Face) have been working round the clock to bring Hollywood TWO shows in August! Come support us at The Neon Venus Theatre in Hollywood Sat. August 22 for our first solo show under new direction and Fri. Aug. 28 9:30p.m. for a shared show
  • Find us on social media! Twitter & Instagram: @LastKidsPicked and Last Kids Picked

July 2015

  • What’s Her Face brings the laughs Fri. July 24 @ The Avery Schreiber 8:00p.m.

June 2015

  • What’s Her Face Comedy show is Sat. June 6 @ 8pm. Check back for theatre details!

May 2015

  • Come check out our 24 hour play! At 8pm, actors we do not know audition for a play we have not yet written. 9pm actors are cast. From 9pm-6:30am we write a play. With the help from director/head writer Paul Storiale, actors rehearse 10am until show time THAT NIGHT! Fri. May 15 @ the Avery Schreiber in the NohoArts District. $8
  • The girls are back at it again! The third What’s Her Face  show is on Fri. May 8 at the Whitmore-Lindley in the Noho Arts District. $8

April 2015

  • What’s Her Face Comedy was nominated for a Valley Theatre Award for Best Ensemble (Improv/Sketch Comedy) Awards held at Acme Theatre in the Noho Arts District at 8p.m. Sun, May 31.

March 2015

  • Shot a comedic short with Greystar Entertainment. Check back for the final product!
  • What’s Her Face Comedy sold out its first show, but don’t fret. The next show is Sunday, March 29th at the Avery Schreiber in the NoHo Arts District. 8:00pm, cash only, B.Y.O.B.

January 2015

October 2014

September 2014

June 2014

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