News & Upcoming Shows


  • My Second City sketch show, Box of Issues, opens on August 16th for 4 weeks!
  • Don’t forget to catch me with Excelsior! at Second City on August 11th and 25th, 9pm!



  • Cast in a sketch show at Second City! Opens 8/23 for four weeks! Previews 8/2 and 8/16
  • Last Kids Picked show 6/15 at Thymele Arts
  • Excelsior shows at Second City: 6/9 and 6/30 in the Brick theatre


  • 5/4 Room to Improv @ The Secret Rose Theatre 10:30pm
  • 5/5 My first show with Second City Hollywood house team, Excelsior! 9:00pm
  • 5/6 Performing original sketch material at The Pack Theatre, 10:30pm
  • 5/19 Excelsior @ Second City Hollywood 9:00pm



  • iO Graduation shows at Second City, Hollywood  *Free*
  • Last Kids Picked at Three Clubs, Hollywood. 3/16 7:30pm $5


  • Monthly Room To Improv show 2/2 Details:  *Here*

January 2018

  • I’ll be w/ the Lottery on the Main Stage at iO West for a month! 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14. *Free* More info here: iO West Lottery
  • Monthly Room To Improv show at The Secret Rose in Noho! Fri. Jan 5th 10:30pm

December 2017

  • Room To Improv show at The Secret Rose! Friday, Dec. 1 10:30pm
  • Last Kids Picked show at The Open Space on Fairfax! Sunday, Dec. 10 7:00pm

August/September 2017

Upcoming Shows

Performing in The Second City LA Diversity Comedy Festival, Oct. 21 2:00pm.
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Los Angeles Diversity Comedy Festival


  • Chosen to feature in the Main Stage show at iO West with Cherry Muffin and female students, August 18, 2017 @ 9pm
  • Main Stage at iO West, 3 dates
    • July 26 @ 7pm
    • August 2 @ 7pm
    • August 16 @ 7pm


  • iO West inclusion scholarship recipient
  • UCB Diversity scholarship recipient

Past News



Shalimar Malimban drove thousands of miles across country, surviving torrential downpours, scorching heat, and four dollars per gallon to pursue her dreams in the big city – Hollywood. That would make for a remarkable story, but alas, I am a Los Angeles native. In college, I was a part of the Forensics Speech and Debate team, where I won the title of National Gold Champion in my favorite event – Program of Oral Interpretation. The real reward was connecting with competitors, judges, and teammates through my words. It was an eye-opening experience and it was in those moments that I realized I need to pursue my passion for performing and storytelling. I recently completed the iO West improv program, thanks to the Inclusion Program, as well as sketch writing at The Pack theater. I’m also a UCB Diversity recipient, (yay diversity)!  I’m currently enrolled at The Annie Grindlay studio. You can find me performing with my Second City Hollywood house team, Excelsior and driving around town in my Prius C, yes-anding life and getting an unreal 50 miles per gallon.