Resume: Text Version

Shalimar Malimban

(909) 816-4340

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Sketch-a-PhrenicsPersonalsMickey & The Magical Map Featured PerformerFeatured PerformerFeatured Performer  Sean WillGlenn KelmanMichael Serna
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Marcy Park Jeff Kopasz
Fantasmic!      Featured Performer            Carla Carlile
Mickey’s Magic Kingdom             Featured Performer            Disneyland
The Wiggles Mall Tour Dorothy the Dinosaur NPA
Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Street Performer N.Y.C.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles        Michaelangelo                                       U.S. Tour


“Making It On Broadway” Intensive Workshop Jodie Langel, Brad Ellis, Danny Gurwin, Joel Bishoff
“How to Audition for Today’sMusical Theatre” Todd Schroeder
Improv The Groundlings
Commercial Killian’s Workshop
VoiceVoice over Carol StephensonTammy Trujillo     
Theatre Susan Boulanger, Ralph Eastman
Dance Sergio Mejia, Lee Martino


Voice and Speech: Forensics Speech Team (National Champion), Singing (mezzo soprano), Show Choir Dance: Hip Hop, Lindy Hop Dialects: Tagalog Accent, Weird Voices Other: Mascot Work, Working with children


Phi Rho Pi National Champion: Program of Oral Interpretation, Gold; Duo Interpretation, Bronze; Reader’s Theatre, Bronze
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